The Method

The PBX® Method fuses the disciplines of Pilates, Barre and Yoga, highlighted by limited class sizes and individual attention. Understanding movement is the first step to achieving a sculpted physique, so get ready to breathe through the burn and push your muscles to fatigue!

The Experience

Through the guidance of our inspirational instructors, you will learn the use of modern reformers and props to engage all the right muscle groups for optimal results. Get pumped with our amazing playlists that keep you motivated through every pulse and plank.

The Results

Our motto is SLT: strengthen, lengthen, and tone. Through our program, you will experience the long, lean lines you've been craving for an overall sculpted physique through intense cardio workouts, core strengthening, cross training and much more.




The PBX pilates barre extreme app to plan and schedule your classes. From this app you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view location and contact information.


An amazing workout!! Every instructor is professional and helpful and most of all knows how to encourage you to give it your all!! I leave each time feeling stronger and looking forward to the next workout. They really know how to mix it . . .never gets boring and your body will love you for showing up 😊❤️


Great class! First time at PBX. Really liked the look/feel of the studio and the overall setup. Big fan of variety of movements/exercises and use of extra equipment. Instructor was energetic and motivating and she explained/demonstrated the movements very well. Will definitely be back!

I love PBX! All of the instructors are so helpful and encouraging. I enjoy how the workouts are always different and if you put in a special request for a particular muscle group, they are very accommodating. I can tell my body is getting stronger. My husband has even started taking classes and anticipates it will help his golf game