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Looking to become a stronger you? At PBX® pilates barre extreme, we offer heart pumping, challenging classes that will help you tone and sculpt your way to the amazing body you've always wanted. We 're not like other gyms. No boring workouts here! When you come to PBX, you can expect to push yourself to your limits, and walk out of here knowing you gave it your all.

To help you achieve greatness, we offer a variety of classes that fit your unique style, experience level and fitness goals. Classes at PBX® combine the best of pilates, strength training, and cardio. Read the descriptions below, find which class speaks to you, and sign up for your first class!



In addition to our group classes, we offer one-on-one sessions and private group classes. These are perfect if you feel you are not ready to jump into a group class or you have/had extensive injuries that might prevent you from being able to fully participate in a group session. This is also what we would recommend for children who are interested in Pilates, but are under the age of 18.


Please visit our PRICING page to purchase private or semi-private trainings and of course, if you have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out here